Pigs in the Parlor: Study Guide

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Pigs in the Parlor, casting out demons, christian deliverance, derek prince, jon eckhardt, hagin


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The companion book to the deliverance handbook, Pigs in the Parlor


  • Interested in studying the scriptural basis for the deliverance ministry? This guide has been designed as a Biblical resource, with extensive coverage of this ministry in the Old & New Testaments.
  • Desiring to be involved in a deliverance ministry of your own, to help set other captives free? This guide has a section on the methods and techniques, the pro’s and con’s of how to effectively minister deliverance.


  • Did you know the leaders of the early Church following the New Testament spoke of the importance of this ministry?
  • They spoke of the validity of casting out demons, and the baptism in the Holy Spirit






Perfect for both Individual and Group study.

Are you in search of deliverance for yourself, or for someone you love?


This companion book to Pigs in the Parlor has been designed as a tool to enable you to diagnose and effectively deal with your deliverance needs. With questions that follow along with each chapter, and added details on this important ministry to the Church, this is a guide to propel those seeking deliverance for themselves, or for those seeking knowledge of how to minister deliverance to the oppressed and lost among us.

  • chapter by chapter questions and answers
  • added information on the ministry of deliverance
  • quotes from Church leaders of the 1st-2nd Century
  • detailed Scriptural basis for casting out demons
  • detailed explanation of the Fruit of the Spirit
  • detailed discussion on the Gifts of the Spirit
  • 192 pages of learning and study