Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties: Do Your Relationships Produce Bondage or Joy?

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Are you easily controlled, dominated?

Are you in bondage to a person?

Does someone manipulate you?

Are you tormented by thoughts of a former lover?

Are you free to be all God intended you to be?

This book offers powerful help to being set free from unnatural bondages (or soul ties) to people, places, and things, such as ex-lovers, people around you who practice manipulation, and others. You will learn more about the characteristics of a Godly relationship and an Ungodly Relationship. You will find prayers you can pray yourself for deliverance from soul ties and curses, as well as testimonies of people who have been set free!

Chapter I - The Soul & Its Function
Chapter II - Soul Ties, Both Godly & Ungodly
Chapter III - Harmful Adult Soul Ties Through Choices We Make
Chapter IV - Side Effects of Unhealthy Soul Ties
Chapter V - The Cure: Breaking Soul Ties
Chapter VI - Preventing Further Harmful Soul Ties