Black and White Talis Prayer Shawl From Israel

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Black and Gold Joseph Acrylic Tallit, made in Israel

  • The crown (neck) reads "Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who has commanded us to wear the tzitzit (fringe)." The corners in Hebrew say "God will bring us to Zion joyfully"
  • Size is measured by width of the Tallit in inches, length is 72"



Wearing a prayer shawl establishes a special connection with God. A tallis is more than a prayer shawl. It is filled with profound meaning and religious significance. Christians today are wearing the shawls as a symbolic remembrance of him. They are using it for worship, prayer and as a symbolic act of the covering that Christ gave us when he shed his blood, as a covering for our sins.

The colors in the talis are very significant: Black represents: Fear of the Lord, Beauty, Abundance, Moved with Passion, Protective. White represents: Purity, Light Holiness, Righteousness, Bride of Christ, Triumph.

All Talis come from Israel