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Let Our Children GO!

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Rebecca Greenwood's ministry receives many calls to minister deliverance to children, teenagers, and young adults. In fielding these calls, Rebecca has frequently been told by the caller (generally a parent) that he was unable to find another ministry that has the understanding and ability to do this. Let Our Children Go is Rebecca's response to meet the need Christians have, to learn how to help children find deliverance and inner healing. "Darkness is on the rise," she writes, "and it is the role of parents, youth pastors, pastors, and other believers to do all we can to ensure the blessing, protection, and freedom of this younger generation in order that they reach their fullest kingdom potential and destiny." Her book not only explains the necessity of deliverance ministry for children but also discusses many of the issues facing the younger generation, describes how to deal with demonic visitations, and gives direction on how to equip the younger generation to defeat the enemy themselves by using their own authority given to them through Christ.