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Every pastor is on the frontlines of a spiritual battle, and without prayer support they will fail. Whether it be protection, wisdom, or empowerment, pastors are in constant need of prayer support, prayer support that they can't give themselves. It is up to you. But how does one go about becoming a prayer partner or an intercessor for one's pastor? How can you tell if you are called to be an intercessor? What exactly does it mean to be involved in this kind of prayer?

If God is calling you to intercession, and if you have a burden for pastors that can only be relieved through prayer, then this book is for you. Spiritual warfare and church growth expert C. Peter Wagner wrote Prayer Shield as a field manual to help you become an intercessor, one who will stand in the gap for your pastors and church leaders.

He teaches vital topics including: the biblical basis for intercessory prayer; who is and is not an intercessor; why leaders themselves don't often pray enough; how to recruit prayer partners; the three types of personal intercessors. With this knowledge in hand, you can step out confidently onto the battlefield of intercession. Satan will continue attacking church leaders as long as they are vulnerable; your action in prayer can empower church leaders to overcome Satan and his schemes. Like Moses holding his hands up to ensure the victory of the Israelites, you, too, can hold your hands up in prayer for your pastor as they fight their important battles.