Fasting For Financial Break Through

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While this book sheds a spiritual light on one of the biggest problems facing Christians today-our need to put the role of money in a proper perspective and how to solve our money problems-Elmer Towns states at the outset that this is not the primary purpose of fasting and prayer. Instead, it is all about knowing God. It is not about withdrawing prayer-on an "as needed" basis-from some spiritual ATM kiosk. It is about meditation, studying the scriptures and communion with God. When we fast and pray in faith, asking for God's help and provision, He will begin to teach us how to become good stewards of what He has provided. And He will ever, at times, meet out temporal needs in a miraculous way. Includes Chpaters Devoted to the Following Topics and Many More Chapter 3: Fasting to Learn Stewardship Chapter 4: Why We Have Money Problems Chapter 6: Faith Approach to Asking for Money