When Prophets Speaks Of Judgment

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WHEN PROPHETS SPEAK OF JUDGMENT—How close are we to the final hour? Is our nation standing on the brink of judgment? While God never reveals the exact moment when He will pour out His wrath, He does reveal for us, in the Bible, the conditions that are sure to bring His judgment upon a nation and its people. Every one of these conditions—or sins—was rampant at the time Judah experienced horrible judgment at the hands of its enemies.

What’s incredible is that the very conditions that led to Judah’s downfall are all present in America today! You can explore what these conditions are in David Levy’s book, WHEN PROPHETS SPEAK OF JUDGEMENT. In this fascinating overview of the Bible books of Habakkuk, Zephaniah, and Haggai, you’ll discover that the atrocities committed by ancient Judah are strikingly similar to what we read in the headlines of today’s newspapers! WHEN PROPHETS SPEAK OF JUDGMENT is an encouraging challenge for us to “redeem the time” as we move ever closer to the last days!