Life Recovery Bible

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THE LIFE RECOVERY  BIBLE-now available for a limited time in this Celebration Edition- is the #1 Selling Recovery Bible. The living language and precise scholarship of the New Living Translation make this Bible the clear choice for people in 8 or 12 step recovery.

Life - Changing Features

  • Twelve Step Devotionals: A reading chain of 84 Bible - based devotional tied to the Twelve Steps of recovery and intersepersed throughout the Bible text.
  • Serenity Prayer Devotionals: Based on the Serenity Prayer, these devotionals are placed next to the verses they are drawn from the - an excellent 29-day devotional reading plan.
  • Recovery Principle Devotionals: More than 50 Bible - based devotionals, topically arranged, build upon each other to create an excellent guide too key recovery principles.
  • Recovery Profiles: Key Bible characters are profiled, and important recovery lessons are drawn form there lives.
  • Recovery Notes: Interspersed throughout the Bible text, these notes pinpoint passages and thoughts important to recovery.
  • Recovery Reflections: Topically arranged recovery reflections, at the end of the most Bible books, pinpoint key insights learned from specfic Scripture passages.
  • Recovery Themes: Prominent recovery theme are discussed at the opening of each Bible book.
  • Additional Features: Book outlines, book introductions, topical index, devotional indexes, recovery profile index, and a user's guide.