Proper Attitudes Toward Leadership

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Your Attitude Will Determine Your Success!
The world around us is full of people who refuse to respect and honor those in leadership over their lives. As a result, they create strife, invite turmoil, and ensure failure. As Christians, we must not allow ourselves to be conformed to the world’s standards.
Our attitudes toward those whom God has appointed as leaders can affect our success, spiritually as well as naturally. A proper attitude toward leadership can determine whether we win or lose. In this book, Robyn Gool explains the importance of…
  • Following spiritual leadership in the church
  • Recognizing our own leadership abilities
  • Submitting to God-appointed authority
  • Supporting our leaders through prayer and financial gifts
  • Realizing that every role, no matter how small, is vital for success
Discover the power and the blessing that accompany a positive attitude!