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LarryBoy And The Angry Eyebrows

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The creators of the sensational 3-D computer-animated series VeggieTales transport their goofiest character--Larryboy--into the traditional world of 2-D line-drawing animation for a new Christian-lite comedy series. In this first episode, Larryboy (the superhero alter ego of Larry the Cucumber) takes on the dastardly Awful Alvin, who has made sure any angry citizen of Bumblyburg stays angry thanks to his legions of batlike eyebrows. The gentle lesson of letting go of anger is massaged with the typical VeggieTales high jinks. Many of the well-known VeggieTales stars make appearances; Bob the Tomato is editor of the newspaper where Larry is not a Clark Kent-like reporter but rather a janitor. Also included is the silent short "Fly by Night," in which Larryboy takes on a pesky fly. Ages 4 and older. --Doug Thomas