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"The Tabernacle" 6 DVD Series

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The revelation of the Tabernacle will shape how you view Christ. What He did for you. Will change your Christian experience.

DVD 1: THE MEETING PLACE. This message will show you the awesome, incredible, matchless love of God in action.

DVD 2: A WALK THROUGH THE TABERNACLE. A richly-detailed tour that will leave you in awe of God's mercy and His plant redeem.

DVD 3: THE ARK OF THE COVENANT. If you ever asked yourself, "How can God forgive me after all I've done?" You'll find the answers that could change your life.

DVD 4: THE ALTAR OF INCENSE. This teaching on prayer is like non you've ever experienced!

DVD 5: A PREPARED PLACE FOR A PREPARED PEOPLE. True liberation includes an opportunity to move into the new place God has for you! Here's your pass to your new destination.

DVD 6: THE HIGH PRIEST. You have 24-hour access to God's presence! It's time to take advantage of it. Here's how!