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Arise! 4 DVD Series

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Satisfy your soul’s quest for a fresh and inspiring word with ARISE! This unique and powerful set of 4 messages features the incomparable Bishop T.D. Jakes in true revival style. Each message is designed to speak life into your spirit and cause you to shout for joy! Allowing God to direct your life can be challenging, but haven’t you tried it your way long enough? The Last Night on the Boat, Bishop Jakes encourages you to stretch your faith. In And the Yoke Will Be Destroyed, Bishop Jakes defines anointing and explains how to live a life without limits. Don’t Fight It will give you the courage to begin living your true destiny. Faith and works take center stage as Bishop Jakes presents the story of the lame beggar as never before in Leap the Rest of the Way. Get the motivational boost to succeed in ways that exceed your imagination. Let this set of messages infuse you with the spiritual power you need to ARISE and walk into your season!