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Reposition Yourself - Living Life Without Limits

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Jakes takes the biblical definition of faith--the substance of things not yet realized--and adds that without some effort, faith becomes nothing more than a belief in magic. Although he admonishes the trend toward prosperity preaching that equates economic well-being with blessedness, Jakes reinforces the connection between faith, good works, and responsibility. And citing biblical verses and observations by successful people--Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and athlete Deion Sanders, among others--Jakes offers sound advice on how to put faith into action. He begins by insisting on a hard self-examination and takes aim at what he considers the major barrier to success: self-imposed limitations that result from a lack of spiritual faith. Jakes applies scripture across a wide range of personal challenges, including finding a mate and achieving financial success. For those who have already achieved a measure of success, Jakes cautions against complacency and arrogance. At whatever level of achievement, Jakes urges readers to learn to open themselves to giving and receiving blessings. Recalling his own rocky road to success from a childhood of poverty to the head of one of the nation's largest religious enterprises, Jakes makes clear how he was compelled to reposition himself to grow spiritually and materially. Jakes continues to deliver a message of hope and inspiration. Vanessa Bush