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The Power Of The Threshing Floor, DVD

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  In 1 Chronicles 21, King David sinned against the Lord and caused pestilence and destruction to come upon the nation of Israel. This thrust him to Ornan’s threshingfloor, the place where the wheat harvest was separated from the chaff…the place of Israel’s deliverance. From The Threshingfloor, God answered David’s cries and stayed the destruction of Jerusulem. Today, He is calling His last day remnant of believers to The Threshingfloor—the place of repentance and complete surrender that leaves no ground for the enemy. This powerful teaching, delivered by Dr. Juanita Bynum at Bishop T. D. Jakes’ “MegaFest 2004” will draw you to a sacred place in prayer that will change your life and give birth to your greatest breakthroughs.